Monday, December 20, 2010

Tom Hardy as Hugo Strange?

It is rumored that Tom Hardy will be part of the Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises and will play as the villain as Hugo Strange. Many site already claiming and talks about Tom Hardy and his role as Hugo Strange. But who is Hugo Strange by the way? So for those who don't know who is Hugo Strange, read his profile below.

Who is Hugo Strange?

Professor Hugo Strange is a genius in many scientific fields and a master criminal strategist. Obsessed with Batman and his mind, he often dresses as him to prove himself better. He is also a good hand to hand combatant.Professor Hugo Strange is one of the world’s leading scientific geniuses and criminal strategists. He is also one of the earliest opponents of Batman and Robin ( Dick Grayson, now Batman). Strange first clashed with Batman when he used a gigantic electrical generator to blanket Gotham City with thick fog. Strange’s men then looted the city only for Batman to capture them (and Strange) and send them to prison. However, Strange soon broke free and used chemicals to transform five mental patients into monstrous, super-strong giants. The giants were a decoy – terrorizing the city while Strange and his gang looted it. Batman once again overcame his adversary.

Months later (By this time Batman was partnered by Robin) Strange created a fear-inducing dust with which he intended to take over Gotham City and then the rest of the USA. The Dynamic Duo thwarted Strange and in the process it appeared Strange fell to his death.

But Strange survived and spent many years in Europe as a successful criminal. Bored, and seeking a challenge, Strange decided to return to Gotham for another confrontation with Batman. He launched an insidious blackmail scheme against powerful Gotham businessmen and finally captured and unmasked Batman.

Obsessed with usurping his foes identities, Strange masqueraded as Bruce Wayne, and plotted to plunder Wayne Enterprises. He also intended to auction off Batman’s secret identity to the highest underworld bidder. Unhappy with this idea, corrupt politician Rupert “Boss” Thorne had his thugs beat up Strange to try and force the identity out of him. Strange refused, saying the information had to be earned, and he used yoga techniques to make Thorne believe that he was dead. Strange later used holograms of himself to make Thorne believe his ghost was haunting him and this drove Thorne to insanity.

Meanwhile, Robin had freed the real Bruce Wayne, but Strange was still determined to usurp his identities. His next idea was to pit a robot double of himself (Strange) against Batman. The robot, which Batman believed to be the real Strange, was destroyed.

Later, through a complex series of illegal moves, Strange deprived Wayne of his home and fortune. Strange planned to frame Batman as a criminal and then expose him as Bruce Wayne. Batman and the new Robin ( Jason Todd) defeated Strange and handed him over to the police, along with proof of his many crimes. Wayne regained his fortune and Batman told the police that he had hypnotised Strange into believing that he was Wayne in order to conceal his true identity, which Strange knew. When Strange heard this, he became totally confused as to whether Batman was Bruce Wayne or not.Strange along with Dr. Death was hired by Black Mask. He worked with Fright to resurrect the Reaper.

But still there is no yet confirmation about this speculation guys. All we have to do is still wait who is the villain for the Dark Knight. For the meantime you could also check the Possible Batman 3 Cast Here.

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